• How to clean your machine(at least once a day)

• How to remove the plate (stuck thread)

• Osculating Bobbin

• Drop in Bobbin

• How to wind your Bobbin (drop flywheel)

• Put in bobbin

• Threading your machine – 10 samples

• Reverse button

• Back stitch( secure both ends)

• Drop feeder dog ( fine threads)

• Lever button stitch 4 stiches  return normal  drop again

• Zig zag (avoid freying)


Sample going over thick seams - can sew downhill not uphill


1. Black stitch- cotton

2. Sample block

3. Zig zag- normal woven stretch doesn’t frey

4. Going over denim over thick seam

5. Blind hem foot/ stretch

6. Darning

7. Elastic stitch

8. buttonhole







A solid introduction to sewing receive a Sew Crazy manual.


• Vital information

• Know your machine

• Basic tools

• Fabric fondling presentation

• Practice exercises

• Seam

• Bias binding

• Beginners projects

• 1 x woven top – A line dress

• 1 x knit top or maxi dress









• Creating shape

• Parts - Samples - Techniques

• Gathering - Samples

• Pleats and tucks - Vents samples

• Various pockets techniques

• Zips methods

• Waistbands- Personal choice

• Project: Skirt construction (supervised)

• Hems




• Reader’s patterns cont.

• Pockets Intermediate 1

• Western style pocket (curved or straight)

• In seam pocket

• Jetted pocket sample

• Concealed zip with facing lapped zip with facing fly built in

• Waist band straight or curved

• Elastic casing

• Belt loops

• Trouser constriction (own choice supervised)








Criteria for the advanced course, sewer must have good knowledge of sewing and construction methods. Sewer must be able to use a commercial pattern with confidence and must be able to read and follow pattern instructions to make basic garments.


Advanced construction: Focus on tops = shirt and blouses - collars, facings, setting in sleeves etc.







Introduction to overlock which is a kind of stitch that sews over the edge of one or two pieces of cloth for edging, hemming, or seaming. An overlock sewing machine will cut the edges of the cloth as they are fed through.







Introduction to quilt making presentation -Materials and tools -Useful stitches -Key techniques -Beginners projects (selection)







Basic introduction presentation into bag making -Materials and tools -Useful stitches -Key techniques -Shopper construction -Clutch bag/multi use zip bag template and construction







• T- shirts

• Underwear

• Gym wear

• Track suits

• Leggings

• Vests

• Infinity dress

• Cover stitch

• How to lay and cut stretch


Over locker skills for stretch

• Lycra

• Bon bon

• Techniques for stretch

• Twin needle

• Binding

• Zig zag







We cover a wide variety of cushion ideas as well as the practical hints & tips for sewing up fashionable fabrics into cushions and curtains.









• Hand stitches colourful

• Fun projects

• Pillow cases

• Aprons

• Pencil cases

• Tote bag




• Sewing machine introduction

• Starting project

• Sling bag

• Elastic top

• Mini skirt

• Scrunchies


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