After attending sewing lessons for about two and a half years, my sewing teacher was given the opportunity to immigrate.


I realized I still wanted to sew, and so did everyone else. So ‘Sew Crazy’ was born.


A good friend from sewing class introduced me to the premises at The Italian Club, which were to perfect to pass on. A safe, comfortable, creative environment. Then I found amazing teachers . We opened on the 9th August 2019.


Here’s hoping we go from strength to strength.... because we love to sew.



I’m 24 years old and I’m a fashion Designer. I studied at the University of Johannesburg for 4 years and during my B-tech course, I was a pattern and garments technology tutor for the first year students. Being a tutor taught me so much about communication and it improved my listening skills, I am always trying to find new ways of improving my patterns and garments skills.


During my varsity years I interned at a manufacturing company and I learnt so much about quality control and how the Industry operates. I always use the skills that I acquired during my internship when it comes to the garments that I make and I always pay attention to the quality of the garments in stores before I buy them.


I have also had the opportunity to intern at a modelling agency in the past year, that was the best experience ever even though it demanded so much of my time in terms of attending events such as fashion week and photo-shoots. Having to show up at the photo-shoots in the early hours of the morning taught me to be always punctual because time is money, all in all the experiences was worth it.



I have taught sewing and sold sewing machines for over 30 years. Sewing and sewing machines, over lockers and embroidery machines is my passion. I am a expert, I love sewing.


I am trained in underwear making i.e. bras panties and undergarments. Quilting is something I love making. My favorite fabric to work with is T-Shirting but I am comfortable working with any kind of fabric as well.


I worked at Empisal for a long time as a shop manageress and went over to Bernina and spent 19 years working for them as a sewing and embroidery teacher, while selling their products and giving product knowledge lessons.

I also worked at Myong as a manageress and sample maker, and now currently working at Sew Crazy.


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